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Memphis Gunslingers

Mississippi Peacemakers - 2018 Mississippi State Championship

These vendors have supported our club.
We hope you will help support them.  Match Sponsor
Custom Leather Western Holsters
Sportswear and Accessories
Ruger Firearms
Ladies Victorian Hats, Parosals & Cowgirl Hats
Ladies Victorian and Old West Accouterments and Accessories
Specializing in custom made hats
Supplier to the Historical Reenactor
Buffalo Western Wear

Piney Woods Trading Post
Old West and Rendevous Clothing and Supplies

M R B Originals
Custom Old West Clothing

Mose n Bella - Custom Embroidery
Cowboy Shooters Supply

Custom made Victorian Dresses

Two Crazy Old Ladies
Custom Old West Clothing - Old West Laser Graphics
Laser engraving of wood and metal

Jim Midgley – Blacksmith
Ornamentals, Tools, Knives

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