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About Us

Are you a fan of western movies or books? A fan of western history? Remember playing cowboy with your friends, cap guns blazing, when you were a kid? Come join us and re-live the Old West today.

We have a range that is dedicated to Cowboy Action Shooting. Through the efforts of our club members over the years we have built the town of Gunsite. Gunsite has many buildings that make up the town. We have a Marshal's office, Livery, Mercantile and even a Riverboat, just to name a few. The town has been built to lend that Old West ambiance to the range and enhance the Cowboy shooting experience. You will feel like you have stepped into the past. We shoot the firearms that could be found during the time period of 1836 - 1900. These include cap and ball revolvers, cartridge conversion revolvers, single action revolvers, lever action rifles and side by side, lever action or 1897 pump shotguns.

Our guncart friendly, flat, grass covered range invites you to a full day of cowboy shooting.
The pavilion has fans, wood burning stove, and cooking pit.

Our clubhouse is air conditioned and heated.  
Stay overnight in our bunkhouse to experience the 'Real West'. BYOB (Bring Your Own Blanket)
Snore at your own risk.
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